8 Ways to Recession Proof your Pilates Business

While it may not happen anytime soon, experts are predicting that an economic downturn will happen in the next year or two.

Many studios were not in business the last time our economy turned down, of those that were, some did ok, a lot went under and some thrived. Below are some tips on how to prepare now so that you are not one of the victims but instead thrive! Read more...

Author: Katie Santos, PMA®-CPT, PMA Board of Directors


Member Spotlight

How did you learn about the Pilates Method?

While I was working 70+ hour weeks as a Chef, I sustained a severe back injury, herniating two lumbar discs. In the hospital, I was put in traction and loaded up with IV Roboxin, then scheduled for spinal fusion surgery.

Speaking to the surgeon, I asked about the details of the procedure.  A piece of bone from my illiac crest would be "inserted" between the injured vertebral bodies, fusing my spine.  I chose to find another way.

Over the next few weeks, my left leg began to weaken markedly. More Xrays showed the nerve root was being impinged by calcification around the facet window. I was in extreme pain and very much terrified. An EMG study confirmed the nerve was deteriorating. Still, I had enough faith to find another way. I took to the gym and made every effort to strengthen myself by means of weight machines. Had some very small success.

I was considered totally disabled, and placed in the Vocational Rehabilitation system. The doctors warned me that I would lose my ability to walk if I didn't have the fusion procedure. I kept searching.

After several tries, I found a chiropractor who afforded me some relief. A temporary fix, because every two weeks or so my back would go out and I'd be right back in his office. 

One day Dr. Scott said: "Aren't you tired of all these adjustments?" I was in agreement, and he said "I am sending you to Pilates". I started with Julian Littleford at his studio in Del Mar, CA. 

The first several months were tough, progress was slow. Julian never gave up on me, nor I on him.  Julian and my Pilates my work ethic gave me a new body and a new outlook on Life. 

Harry M. Rau
PMA Member since 2010


"Pilates? That's Like Yoga, Right?"

As a business owner who offers both Pilates and yoga at my studio, I run into this question on a regular basis.  

My answer can be detailed or basic, depending on my audience. Here are some comparison points about the two disciplines based on my personal experience with both. For the purposes of this discussion, I am comparing yoga to Pilates on the apparatus. Read more...

Author: Jo Ann Graser, PMA®-CPT, PMA Board of Directors


Member Spotlight

Why did you fall in love with the Pilates method?

Some people think in words, and others feel their way through movement experience.  Life is created and meant to be filled with strength and awareness. Pilates gives us a platform from which to feel “alive.”

Thank you Pilates for giving me breath and centering, from which I move innately.  Pilates has allowed me to have self confidence and the ability to share this experience with others.  Joseph Pilates, in his book

Return to Life through Contrology, likened his theory of exercise as a way toward “world peace.”  It is this reminder that allows us to remember to feel grounded, and know that within the Pilates community there is hope for a peaceful, healthy life now and into the future. We must bring this awareness to humanity. Thank you, PMA and Joseph Pilates...

Kathy Sagmiller, PMA®-CPT
PMA Member since 2013


Make the Most of the PMA Conference!

Conference season is ramping up for the year. How can you make the most of your money and time?  

By making an effort to plan and strategize your conference experience, you can maximize your investment in continuing education.

Let’s talk about the benefits of attending the PMA conference and how can you make the time away from the studio worthwhile! Read more...

Author: Katie Santos, PMA®-CPT, PMA Board of Directors


Member Spotlight
Why did you choose to study to become a Pilates teacher?

I chose to study to become a Pilates teacher when I understood, through ballet instruction at 21 years of age, that I could articulate my joints and use my myofascial system in so many more ways than I had throughout my youth! The work of Joseph Pilates, and his amazing devotees who have expanded upon and shared their wealth of knowledge, felt SO good to me because I was able to use my whole body, and my concentration of movement control and expansive breathing brought me exactly to where I needed to be, present. It was the "thing" that I could get lost in. Since I decided to study to become a Pilates teacher, my intent has been to help my clients find that spark of interest in learning and understanding more about themselves, and to help them be more present for their life vessel, that is their body. 


Dr. Lindsay Branzel, PMA®-CPT
PMA Member since 2009


5 Tips On How To Sell Pilates
(to even the most skeptical clients)

Are you wondering how you can get more new clients through the door of your studio and onto your schedule?

If so, you're not along. Most Pilates teachers struggle with this from time to time in their careers. And selling can often feel uncomfortable - not everyone is a natural salesperson! And that's ok, because when it comes to selling Pilates, we have more than one chance to get new client to commit. Read more...

Author: Seran Glanfield, PMA®-CPT, PMA Board of Directors


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