Heroes in Motion - Create a Case Report

One of the ways that Pilates teachers can get involved in the Heroes in Motion® initiative, is to document your work with Pilates clients with severe movement impediments in the form of a Case Report. Case reports are prepared for the purpose of illustrating some points in the care of a client, and to educate and formulate new research questions which may eventually lead to generalizable knowledge. Clients that have severe movement impediments are each unique individuals with diverse challenges and conditions. Contributing a report on the outcomes that you observe with your client after implementing a Pilates program will be helpful to the development of the field. Let’s share our findings. We hope to hear from you!

Please download the following documents.

Case Report Procedures
Case Report (fillable pdf)
Form 1 – Consent to Participate in a Case Report
Form 2 – Waiver and Release to Participate in a Case Report

If you have questions about how to construct your Case Report, please email Lolo Arrieta (loloa @ pilatemethodalliance.org). All Case Reports will be reviewed by the Sherri Betz, PT, GCS, PMA-CPT; Chair, Research Committee.


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