The PMA Pilates Certification Program:
The PMA Pilates Certification Program offers the only third party certification in the Pilates field. On May 22, 2012 the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) granted accreditation to the PMA Pilates Certification Program for demonstrating compliance with the NCCA Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs. NCCA is the accrediting body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (formerly the National Organization for Competency Assurance). PMA Pilates Certification Program joins a group of more than 100 organizations representing over 250 programs that have received and maintained NCCA accreditation.

Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals:
The PMA Pilates Certification Program is pleased to announce its participation in the Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals (CREP), a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) corporation composed of organizations that offer NCCA-accredited exercise certifications. Coalition members are committed to advancing the exercise profession and earning recognition as a health provider for practitioners that have passed a competency-based exercise certification exam that has been accredited by the NCCA.

Central to the mission of the Coalition is to remove the barriers that have been identified by various stakeholder groups that impact the supply and verification of qualified exercise professionals to fill positions in health, fitness, and wellness facilities.  CREP is focused on providing adequate consumer protection and earning the confidence and respect of referring professionals in a manner that expands access for consumer participation.

CREP advances its mission by maintaining the United States Registry of Exercise Professionals (USREPS), an internationally recognized registry of exercise professionals in the United States, and as an advocate for the exercise professional who holds NCCA-accredited exercise certification on issues that pertain to regulation, access and scope of work. As a benefit of membership in the Coalition, all PMA Pilates Certified Teachers will be included on the USREPS registry at no cost.  We invite you to learn more about CREP and the USREPS registry at: