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IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of June 30, 2017 will be the last date for renewals or new applications to participate with Registry of Schools Program. The Registry listing of Schools will remain public through June 30, 2018, at which point it will be discontinued.  To learn more about the launch of the new Pilates School Approval Program, please click here.

In support of industry development and public awareness, the Pilates Method Alliance has created a Registry of Schools. The Registry is designed to feature Pilates teacher training programs that meet the criteria listed below.
The Registry’s criteria were proposed by and agreed on by delegates of the PMA’s Teacher Training Summit that took place in Dallas in November 2009. The Summit was attended by approximately 80 teacher trainers and administrators from a wide range of Pilates teacher training schools from the US, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Canada. At this gathering, the need for a Registry of Schools was explored, and the criteria for inclusion proposed, debated and established. Click here to read the Teacher Training Summit '09 Final Report.
The Registry is intended to provide information to prospective students to assist them in comparing and understanding the various teacher-training opportunities available to them. The aim is to increase transparency, and to provide information on schools that meet the delegation’s standards of, and commitment to, professionalism.
Being listed in the Registry does not mean that the school’s training program has been accredited by the PMA (the PMA is not an accrediting body), but it does demonstrate that the school meets the criteria for inclusion.

Registry Benefits:
•Gain marketing exposure for your school on PMA website
•Position your school alongside others
•Receive recognition as a supporter of industry development
•PMA staff refer callers to the Registry 

In order to be included in the Registry, schools must meet the following 6 criteria:
  1. The school shall use terms such as ‘‘diploma", "assessment-based certificate", or "certificate" to describe the results of their teacher training program, and must not use the word "certification".
  2. The school must offer a minimum 450-hour comprehensive Pilates teacher training program. (Training must be in person. Online-only programs do not qualify.)
  3. The program must include a practical assessment of movement and teaching skills.
  4. The Program Director must have a minimum of 10 yrs experience teaching Pilates. Documentation must be provided.  Appropriate verification includes certificates of completion, a diploma or other validation of comprehensive training (comprehensive Pilates training is defined as training on all apparatus and mat) dated 10 years prior to the application date. Any questions related to this requirement can be sent to Ray Infante
  5. The Program Director must be a PMA®-CPT (PMA®Certified Pilates Teacher).
  6. The Program must comply with all applicable business, employment and intellectual property laws, as per PMA Code of Ethics.
To participate, please complete the Registry of Schools Application. Participation in the Registry is subject to annual renewal.
$250.00 per year
$100.00 per year per additional location
Contact Ray Infante, Certification Specialist,, +1 305 573 4946 x 208.
Click here to view the Registry of Schools.
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