Purchasing online practice exam

The online practice exam gives the applicant a testing experience similar to the IBT format, providing the opportunity to take the test multiple times and generate reports on their performance. This online practice exam is offered for 60 days, it has 60 questions and the fee is $60.

Click here to start the process and then follow all the steps listed below:

1. Click "register here" (located near the bottom of the page)

2. Select the only available subscription (60 days) and the only program (PMA Pilates Certification). Then, click “next”.

3. Fill out the following form (contact information). Then, click “next”.

4. Fill out the following form (payment information). Then, click “Purchase”.

5. All set! Use your e-mail and password to login next time.

NOTE: the online practice exam is a tool to prepare for the exam. It does not guarantee a passing score nor is it required. Furthermore, it is possible to pass the exam without the use of this tool since the exam assumes comprehensively trained candidates have the knowledge required to achieve a passing score.


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