Certification Commission

The PMA Certification Commission oversees and supervises the Pilates Certification Program. It serves as an independent body within the PMA, responsible for developing, evaluating, setting, reviewing and administering all policies and procedures related to the Pilates Certification Program. 

Name: Title: Email Addresses:
Kyria Sabin Chair, voting kyrias@pilatesmethodalliance.org
Christine Romani-Ruby Vice-Chair Treasurer, voting christinerr@pilatesmethodalliance.org
Kathleen McDonough Vice-Chair Secretary, voting kathleenm@pilatesmethodalliance.org
Jolita Trahan Director, voting jolitat@pilatesmethodalliance.org
Karyn Staples Director, voting karyns@pilatesmethodalliance.org
Rebecca A. Hess, Ph.D. Public Member, voting rebeccah@pilatesmethodalliance.org
Iris Burman Public Member, non-voting irisb@pilatesmethodalliance.org
Elizabeth Anderson Executive Director, non-voting elizabetha@pilatesmethodalliance.org