Presenter(s): Erica Ziel
Title of Workshop: Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist
Workshop Description: Help your female clients feel and achieve even better results! Erica Ziel’s 8-week online digital course is comprised of 12 Sections including over 18 hours of video and audio covering topics such as prenatal and postnatal research, physiological changes anatomy, female anatomy, deep core, postural changes, limitations and benefits to exercise, pregnancy health topics and concerns, trimester guidelines and modifications, diastasis recti, exercise progressions and modification, prenatal and postnatal case studies and training the postpartum client. Not just for instructors looking to specialize in pre/postnatal training but for all instructors working with female clients. It’s important to understand what your clients will be going through when she becomes pregnant and what her body has been through if she has ever been pregnant. Once she is postpartum, she is always postpartum.
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