PMA Programs

Pilates School Approval Program

The purpose of the Pilates School Approval Program is to publicly recognize those schools that have provided evidence of compliance with the PMA’s 10 Educational Standards for Pilates schools offering comprehensive training. The application (self-study report) serves as an exercise that assists schools in developing requisite internal structures and processes, as well as equips schools with the parameters required for possible state licensing and accreditation.



Registry of Schools

In support of industry development and public awareness, the Pilates Method Alliance created a Registry of Schools. The Registry is designed to feature Pilates teacher training programs that meet the criteria listed below. The Registry is intended to provide information to prospective students to assist them in comparing and understanding the various teacher-training opportunities available to them. The aim is to increase transparency, and to provide information on schools that meet the delegation’s standards of, and commitment to, professionalism.


Fostering Future Professionals

The PMA Fostering Future Professionals (FFP) Program establishes cooperative relationships between the PMA and Pilates teacher training organizations. These relationships support student understanding of the value of third party certification, their professional association, and the notion of industry development. The program facilitates student membership and participation in the PMA, and fosters the foundations of a professional career as a Pilates teacher.






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