Date of Workshop: Online/Ongoing
Presenter(s): Jessica Valant, MSPT, PMA-CPT
Title of Workshop: PostPartum Fitness - A Pilates and Physical Therapy Approach
Workshop Description: What do you do with your client who recently gave birth? Pregnancy and birth are are a beautiful time for a woman, but they are also traumatic times for the body. Women go through many physiological changes while carrying their babies, and these changes often times last into the postpartum period. Unfortunately, many women harm themselves by either not exercising at all or by jumping into an exercise program too soon. These women will come to health care professionals and fitness instructors looking for guidance on how to exercise and progress appropriately after giving birth. How to Exercise After Pregnancy was developed by a physical therapist and certified Pilates instructor with over 16 years of experience. It gives you the tools you need to develop a safe and effective exercise and movement program for your postpartum client. It will address the unique needs of these women and the issues they face, such as pain, joint laxity, self-esteem issues, pelvic floor dysfunction and rectus diastasis. You will be shown the proper way to evaluate a woman after she has given birth, and specific exercises you can use right away to help her feel less pain, gain strength and improve function. We will cover the time immediately after giving birth all the way until 8 months postpartum, ensuring you can create a long term program for your client. Exercises will include breathing techniques, floor exercises, Pilates mat and equipment exercises and movements your clients can do on their own at home. Women in the postpartum phase of life want to be healthy and exercise - they simply don’t know how. This is an underserved population being given incorrect exercise information that could ultimately harm them. By learning a few simple techniques and exercise progressions, you can change these women’s lives and set yourself apart as a postpartum fitness provider.
Studio Name and Address Information: Jessica Valant Pilates This is an online course. The purchase is made online and all materials are delivered electronically.
Contact Number: 808-277-7641
CEC's: 4
Cost of Workshop: $80

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