Buff Bones

Presenter(s): Rebekah Rotstein
Title of Workshop: Buff Bones® Instructor Training Online 
Workshop Description: The Buff Bones® Training Course trains instructors in the medically-endorsed Buff Bones® system with its research-supported design and foundation workout recommended by some of the country's leading health professionals including Dr. Christiane Northrup and the former U.S. Surgeon General. It combines Pilates, functional movement, strength training, and therapeutic exercise with bone-strengthening and balance techniques; it’s adaptable for varying levels and is safe for those with osteoporosis. The online course enables you to take the Buff Bones® Instructor Training at your own pace throughout a 30-day period. It includes lessons in bone health education, anatomy, fascia, biomechanics, special populations, verbal cuing techniques, advanced teaching skills, program sequencing and methodology, cuing, modifications and contraindications guidelines. Benefits of the online course include access to 29 HD quality streamed videos, 2 full hour-long workouts, 5 online assessments and guided learning material. You have access to the ENTIRE online course for one year after successful completion. You’ll learn directly from creator Rebekah Rotstein in a user-friendly online experience. Marketing materials and support is provided after the weekend, along with a license for one year and ongoing continuing education. 
Contact Number: (646) 657-9401
Email: info@buff-bones.com
Website: www.buff-bones.com
CEC's: 9
Cost of Workshop: $499


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