Certification Renewal Guidelines

PMA certification is valid for 2 years. The PMA requires all PMA Certified Pilates Teachers to earn 16 CECs (1 hour = 1 CEC) in order to renew certification at the end of 2 years.

CASTLE Worldwide, Inc. emails PMA®-CPTs certification renewal reminder notices 6 months, 3 months and 1 month prior to expiration.  Please make sure that CASTLE has your correct email address for this purpose. CASTLE will also mail a copy to the home address on file 6 months prior to expiration. It is very important to keep track of your certification.

Certification renewal process:

All PMA®-CPTs must submit a completed Certification Renewal application and provide proof of completion of the required 16 CECs directly to CASTLE Worldwide at PMA@castleworldwide.com or to Ray Infante rayi@pilatesmethodalliance.org.

*Payment is made after application is processed.

Renewal Fees:                                                                                                           

  • Prior to expiration date of certification: $105.00 - PMA Members receive a 10% discount: $94.50
  • Within 6 months after expiration date of certification: $180.00 - PMA Members receive a 10% discount: $169.50

Note: The “6 months after expiration” mentioned above is a grace period.

Recertification (retaking the exam) would be required beyond the 6 month grace period.

Retake application fee : $150.00              

How do I fulfill my continuing education requirement?

All 16 CECs may be earned by taking PMA approved workshops
Approved coursework is determined to be either Pilates content or 'Complementary content'

  • Up to 12 CECs may be earned through approved Distance Learning (Online, DVD, Audio or Home Study) workshops
  • 3 CECs may be earned by taking a Live CPR course or renewing a CPR course.
  • 4 CECs Completion of a Live CPR + AED (automated external defibrillator) course 
  • 6 CECs for Peer reviewed or published research
  • 1 CEC for Poster Presentation at Conference
    Poster presentations are reports accepted at a conference, specific to Pilates or of an allied field, that represents a Pilates related topic such as therapeutic interventions, movement, biomechanics, anatomy, etc, in which information is summarized using brief written statements and graphic materials, such as photographs, charts, graphs, and/or diagrams designed in a pdf digital format and printed in color and mounted on a poster board measuring 4 feet high by 6 feet wide. 
  • 1 CEC for PMA Certification Exam development
    Available to those that participate in an RD Study, passing point determination, and or item writing.
  • 1 CEC for in-person live or remote video/synchronous webinar mentorship. Documentation must be submitted via Petition Application
  • 4 CEC for Business Development coursework
  • Up to 16 CECs may be earned through petitioning (petitioning is not available for Distance Learning)
    Complete renewal documentation and payment must be sent to the test administration company for processing.

You may search for approved workshops (both live and online/DVD) on our website, www.pilatesmethodalliance.org. Go to the Continuing Education tab, and then to the Approved CEC Offerings tab.

*The Annual PMA Meeting offers up to 16 PMA approved CECs.

If there is an event you want to attend that is not PMA approved, you should review the Petition Application to determine if the workshop would qualify. We strongly recommend you review the petition application, and gather the necessary documentation before you take the course. Note: This review process must be completed before the 6-month grace period expires. 

Who do I contact for help with the petition process?
Please contact Laurie Escobar, our Continuing Education Specialist, continuingeducation@pilatesmethodalliance.org with any questions regarding the petitioning process.

For Petition Application      Click here

Who do I contact for help with anything else related to renewal?

Ray Infante rayi@pilatesmethodalliance.org.