Presenter(s): Ilaria Cavagna
Title of workshop: FEET-NESS™ Online Instructor Training Program: understanding our feet to connect them to our posture.
Workshop description: The FEET-NESS™ Instructor Training Program will give you all the tools to master the work on the feet, supplement it in your practice and teach group classes yourself. Your teaching philosophy will be enriched by adding a very important piece to the puzzle which will help you to be more efficient in your choices and your clients to be at their top fitness form. The feet are the base of our gravity line and they are for multiple reasons very connected to the body above: by connecting the foot-ankle complex to the body above, we'll also be able to improve posture. The feet are the foundation. Every day we are on our feet standing, walking or running. There is no athletic or functional movement that doesn't involve our feet. You will finally able to change your clients' bodies from the ground up and see both faster and better results. Deepening the knowledge that you have of this part of the body (the Foot/Ankle Complex), understanding better the anatomy, biomechanics, pathologies and movements through Manuals, e-books, tutorials and videos, will give you continuous support to successfully complete the FEET-NESS™ Instructor Training Program.
Studio name and address: www.feet-ness.com
Contact number: +1 917 770 4065
E-mail: info@feet-ness.com
Website: education.feet-ness.com
CECs: 9
Cost of workshop: $349

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