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From:  Summit Development Committee 




We are a newly formed committee created to advance the communication and unification of Pilates teacher training programs worldwide. We would like to introduce ourselves and tell you a bit about our past*, current and future goals and activities.


First, let us give you some historical perspective. In November 2009, the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) conducted the first Pilates Teacher Training Summit. The summit was open to anyone involved in Pilates teacher training. There were approximately 80 attendees from a wide range of schools. The primary focus of the first meeting was to explore the status and meaning of 'certification' within the profession and to explore the topic of self-regulation.


Following the 2009 summit, a survey was created and distributed to Pilates Teacher Training programs. The purpose of the survey was to gather data regarding the general subject matter that was being taught in these programs. The data was analyzed using statistical models that revealed structural similarities and differences.


The survey data was presented at the second Pilates Teacher Training Summit held in May 2011. In addition to the presentation of the survey findings, the delegates examined the relationship between the survey findings and the PMA's Role Delineation Study. There was spirited discussion by the group as a whole and much was accomplished in setting goals for the next meeting. A refined survey was sent out after the 2011 summit, with the goal of using the results to create minimum essential standards for comprehensive teacher training programs.


In June 2013, the PMA held its third Pilates Teacher Training Summit. This summit represented the completion of the work begun in 2011. Data collected from 40 Pilates schools was presented and the delegates were able to agree upon minimum essential standards for comprehensive Pilates teacher training programs. 


At the end of this event, the Summit Development Committee (SDC) was introduced.  The Summit Development Committee is a sub-committee of the PMA Board and is made up of 6 individual directors of comprehensive teacher training programs. The main objectives of the committee are to develop goals and procedures for future Summit meetings and strategize the furthering of participation on the part of teacher training programs in support of industry development.


The committee members are:

  • Jo Ann Graser, Tensile Strength Studio, Chair
  • Amanda Jessee, Personal Best Pilates, Vice Chair
  • Marissa Lins, Madison Pilates
  • Carrie Macy, Equinox Pilates Training Institute
  • Deborah Mendoza, Fletcher Pilates
  • Shelly Power, Polestar Pilates

We appreciate the opportunity to introduce ourselves, the Summit Development Committee. We ask that anyone wanting to be kept informed on future developments and/or wishing to participate in the future email their contact information to Jo Ann.


Please feel free to contact Jo Ann Graser at with questions or comments.


Thank you!


The Summit Development Committee


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