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Title of Workshop: Common Problems and Protocols
Presenter(s): Kelli Altounian and Andromeda Stevens
Workshop Description: Covering “Common Problems” and injuries or ailments that trainers must handle with clients, how to recognize them, what are the common causes, what to avoid and what to focus on to assist in the client's recovery. Includes scope of practice and working with other health care providers. Anatomy and terminology icludeds: Foot/Ankle/Knee Hip-Pelvis/Spine Neck/Shoulder/Elbow-Wrist https://digital.pilatessportscenter.com/shop/144950
Studio Name and Address Information: Pilates Sports Center - Online 16430 Ventura Blv Suite 100 Encino, CA 91406
Contact Number: 818.788.8112Call: 818.788.8112
Email: pilatessportscenter@gmail.com
Website: www.PilatesSportsCenter.com
CEC's: 12
Cost of Workshop: $299.99

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