Gil Hedley

Presenter(s): Gil Hedley, Ph.D
Title of workshop: 6- Hour Integral Anatomy Intensive
Workshop description: This 6 hr/CE credit course includes 7 videos and an assessment to review and reinforce the presentation. It is based on the daylong lecture-presentation Gil toured for about 7 years, refining it along the way. This talk delivered in LA in 2012 was the last time it was offered in the US, and represents the culmination of years of learning. 
Contact number: 9089638833
CEC's: 6
Cost of workshop: $175


Presenter(s): Gil Hedley, Ph.D
Title of workshop: The Integral Anatomy Series: 9-Hour
Workshop description: This 9 hr/CE version of the course includes the entire 4 feature length volumes of The Integral Anatomy Series, an assessment to reinforce the material, a PDF download of the Workshop Handbook, and Certificate of Completion for 9 hr/CE when finished. The Workshop Handbook is the textual accompaniment studied by thousands of somanauts as course support for the 6-Day Intensive Hands on Dissection Workshop. It is included here as an enrollment bonus. 
Contact number: 9089638833
CEC's: 9
Cost of workshop: $200


Workshop time frame: 5 hours
Presenter(s): Gil Hedley, Ph.Dil Hedley, Ph.D
Title of workshop: What's the Fuzz?! 5 hr/CE credit course:
Workshop description: This 5 hr/CE credit course includes all 7 video segments from the Vancouver, BC presentation of the What's the Fuzz?! presentation, as well as an assessment to review and reinforce the concepts presented in the talk, plus three bonus readings. Throughout the program you will explore and deepen your knowledge of the role of fascia in healthy movement, and movement limitations.
Contact number: 9089638833
CEC's: 5
Cost of workshop: $150

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