The PMA Fostering Future Professionals (FFP) Program establishes cooperative relationships between the PMA and Pilates teacher training organizations. These relationships support student understanding of the value of third party certification, their professional association, and the notion of industry development. The program facilitates student membership and participation in the PMA, and fosters the foundations of a professional career as a Pilates teacher.

Fostering Future Professionals Program Participant Benefits:
Each FFP Program Participant in good standing is authorized to receive the following benefits:

  • Posting of the Pilates teacher training school name on the PMA website.
  • Permission to publicize the organization as a PMA Fostering Future Professionals Program Participant.
  • Permission to link to the PMA website via the FFP logo.
  • A limited license to use the official PMA Fostering Future Professionals Program Participant trademark and logo in promotional materials, consistent with FFP Program Intellectual Property rules.
  • Acknowledgement at the Annual Meeting of the Pilates Method Alliance.

Your students will have a discounted PMA student membership rate!
As a participant of the PMA’s Fostering Future Professionals (FFP) program, your students will be given the opportunity to join the PMA as a Student Member at a reduced rate of $35/year. This membership provides your students with the same benefits as regular Student Members at a discounted rate!

Criteria for admittance in the Fostering Future Professionals Program:
In order to qualify to be a participating FFP Provider you must meet the following 6 criteria: 
  1. The school must offer a minimum 450-hour comprehensive Pilates teacher training program. This program must be listed on the school website. (Training must be in person. Online-only programs do not qualify.)
  2. The program must include a practical assessment of movement and teaching skills.
  3. The Program Director must be a member of the PMA.
  4. The school must submit an average of 5 students per year.
  5. The school shall use terms such as ‘‘diploma", "assessment-based certificate", or "certificate" to describe the results of their teacher training program, and must not use the word "certification".
  6. The Program must comply with all applicable business, employment and intellectual property laws, as per PMA Code of Ethics.
I submitted my application what happens next?
Upon receipt and review of the application materials, the PMA will contact the Pilates teacher training school within approximately 10 business days, and advise whether the application has been accepted or whether additional information is required. Once your application is approved your school will be listed as a participant on our website and you will receive an email from the PMA with your FFP media kit and the next steps!
If you have any questions, please contact the Pilates Membership Alliance at 866-573-4945 x 206.
See a list of participating schools.

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