Fostering Future Professionals (FFP) Program Participant Application

Application Process

In order to be granted acceptance into the FFP Program, the applicant must:

FFP Program Participant Agreement and Conditions Of Participation

As an applicant for participation in the PMA Fostering Future Professionals Program (FFP Program), the
under- signed Pilates teacher training school and/or education program accepts all applicable
requirements and agrees to:

  1. Provide accurate, complete, and truthful information to PMA in all transactions related to the FFP Program, and make full disclosures of all relevant information requested by the PMA in a timely manner.
  2. Satisfy all responsibilities set forth in FFP Program policies and other PMA policies, currently in force and as modified in the future.
  3. Use the approved PMA FFP Program Participant marks and logos, and marketing statements, only in conjunction with those training and/or educational programs registered with the PMA.

The applicant represents that he/she/it has full authority to enter into this Agreement. The undersigned
agrees to accept and abide by all PMA and FFP Program policies and criteria, including all terms and
conditions of this Agreement, and further agrees to accept sole and full responsibility for the teacher
training programs or activities offered through his/her/its school or program.

Pilates Teacher Training School or Educational Program Information


Name of School *
Name of Coordinator (FFP Student Coordinator)
Street Address
City *
Country *
Website *
Email address *
Phone *

Pilates Teacher Training School or Educational Program Director/Supervising Teacher Information


Name of Program Director/Supervising Teacher: *
PMA Certification ID (if Certified by PMA)

Pilates teacher Training School or Educational Program Information


Program Description (please attach additional pages as necessary): *
Upload additional documentation.
Name of Teacher/Instructor
Name of additional Instructors

By signing below I represent and agree that:

  1. I have reviewed and understand all terms of the FFP Program Policy
  2. The information that I have provided in this application is true, accurate, and complete to the best of my knowledge.
Applicant Signature (Please type your name) *

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