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The promotion of research within the field of Pilates represents a level of development and growth that is invaluable for the Pilates teacher who wants to remain at the cutting edge of scientific understanding and validation of the Pilates Method.

Research studies undertaken at a university, college, research organization, or by an individual will be considered.  We recommend that an Internal Review Board (IRB) approval be obtained for any human research.  Pilates teachers or individual researchers may partner with a university to obtain this type of approval.  The suggested research methodology may fall into one of the following categories but is not limited to:

  • Case Reports
  • Observational Studies
  • Descriptive Research
  • Systematic reviews
  • Randomized controlled trials
  • Cohort studies

Download the Call for Research.

For new researchers who need help in preparing a Case Report for the first time, see Writing Case Reports for the PMA.

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