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What is your favorite Pilates exercise to teach?

August 2019

My favorite to teach is Boomerang!

I love that Boomerang is a combination and a progression of the many fundamental exercises choreographed into a flow: roll-up and roll-over with the inversion and criss-crossing of the legs, teaser, rowing, spine stretch forward. 
The exercise of Boomerang embodies of all the Pilates principles with an added coordination and balance challenge for an ultimate full body commitment!

Boomerang is not only a fun exercise; it also has a name that speaks for itself with the body moving into a “coming-and-going” motion just like the boomerang does!

And every time, I think of boomerang, it reminds me of Australia - and it’s like going to another place and feeling connected with the world!  

Maïté Paillet, NCPT
PMA Member since 2015


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