How to Confidently Teach to the Camera

April 15, 2020
Author: Jo Ann Graser, NCPT, President, PMA Board of Directors

Presenting on camera is both a science and an art. As a Pilates teacher, you’ve spent plenty of time teaching in-person sessions. But presenting to the camera is a different ball game!

Here are some of my thoughts about all this.


A pre-recorded class needs to focus on:
  • Memorizing the content
  • Practicing delivery/timing
  • Setting up the “stage” (lighting, props, etc.)
  • Working on camera angles
  • Perfecting choreography
  • Editing before publishing

Live-streamed classes on the other hand:
  • Are more spontaneous
  • Focus is on the participants, not the “set”
  • Have a different energy – more playful
  • Are more “forgiving” in terms of hiccups
  • Require the ability to improvise

Another thing to consider is some classes may be both.

  • For example, Zoom allows you to teach a class and livestream it, while also recording it to keep for later use.
  • If this is what you’re doing, the delivery needs to be a mixture of both planned and spontaneous (not an easy feat).

What about 1 on 1 sessions?

  • These classes create an opportunity to create a more intimate setting.
  • You can offer detailed, tailored cueing.
  • You’re able to change the direction of the session if the client needs something other than what you’ve planned.

Whatever you do - be authentic!

Overall, my biggest take-away from 4 weeks of virtual teaching is: be authentic. You can’t deliver a class the way someone else does. Inauthenticity comes across strongly on camera.

For many of us, the virtual world is a way for us to keep working during the pandemic. We may or may not continue to offer virtual classes when we re-open. That will be a strategic decision to ponder later on.  

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