Hiring Pilates Instructors for your Studio Using the PMA Job Board

September 30, 2020
Author: L. Levy

In a prior job, I served as a talent manager for a technology startup. During the recession, I was fortunate to have an open space on my team. I was excited to get my hands on the resumes of what I thought would be an overwhelming number of highly qualified technical professionals given the state the economy was in.

I shared the open job description on all of the usual sites—Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster. My wait didn’t last long. My inbox was flooded with resumes within a few hours.

I eagerly looked at the first resume. Not qualified. On to the next; also, not qualified.

There wasn’t a single qualified candidate in my inbox.

The job opening had gotten a good amount of online exposure, but I was reaching the wrong applicants. And to make matters worse, I was now spending time sorting through a stack of resumes that were not a good fit.

Sound familiar?
If you’ve ever been on the hunt to bring top Pilates professionals into your studio, I’m sure you’ve faced similar challenges. Finding a qualified Pilates instructor can be difficult. Where do you look? Who do you ask? How do you find someone qualified?

We have a solution. The Pilates Method Alliance Job Board.
The Pilates Method Alliance’s job board is the premier resource to connect career opportunities with qualified Pilates professionals. Whether you’re searching for jobs or finding candidates, the PMA Job Board helps you achieve your goals.

As an employer, the PMA Job Board is the best platform to use to recruit for open Pilates positions.

  • Post your jobs where the most qualified Pilates professionals can find them and apply
  • Email your jobs directly to members and job seekers
  • Search the resume database and get in touch with qualified candidates proactively

As a job seeker, the PMA Job Board allows you to:

  • Search and apply to the best Pilates jobs at studios that value your skills.
  • See more relevant jobs you may be interested in with the "Jobs You May Like" feature that will suggest jobs based on your previous search.
  • Upload your resume anonymously with an option to specifically release your information to allow employers to contact you.
  • Subscribe to our email that delivers the latest jobs right to your inbox twice per month.
  • Receive an alert ever time a job becomes available that matches your criteria.

The moral of this blog post? If you’re hiring for any position, you’re essentially a fisherman. No matter how many times you cast your line, if you are not fishing where the fish are, you’re not going to catch anything.

Eventually, I was able to find the perfect keeper for that open tech position several years ago. Can you guess where I found them? Through their association’s job board.

Connect with your new Pilates teacher on the PMA Job Board!

Click here to visit our Job Board today!

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