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Building a Bridge to Healthcare Professionals How Do I Network with PTs and MDs?

I am frequently asked how I began building my relationships with the many healthcare professionals I am fortunate to share clients with. The truth is, it’s not easy. It takes work and above all, it takes CONSISTENCY.


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Eight Ways to Make Your Classes a Refuge from Modern Life

Life today is full to say the least. We have so many opportunities and also so many responsibilities. One of the great things about a Pilates session is the chance we have to focus on ourselves and leave our responsibilities...


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5 Tips on How to Sell Pilates (to even the most skeptical clients)

Are you wondering how you can get more new clients through the door of your studio and onto your schedule? If so, you're not alone. Most Pilates teachers struggle with this from time to time in their careers...


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10 Steps to Success as a Workshop Presenter

Teaching workshops to your peers can be an exhilarating next step in your Pilates career, but it takes some preparation. If presenting is high on your list of #goals, read on to find out what skills you’ll need to build and 10 steps you can take to h


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8 Ways to Recession Proof Your Business

While it may not happen anytime soon, experts are predicting that an economic downturn will happen in the next year or two. Below you'll find some tips on how to prepare now so that you are not one of the victims but instead thrive...


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