Pilates School Approval Program (PSAP)

Purpose:  The purpose of the Pilates School Approval Program is to publicly recognize those schools that have provided evidence of compliance with the PMA’s 10 Educational Standards for Pilates schools offering comprehensive training. The application (self-study report) serves as an exercise that assists schools in developing requisite internal structures and processes, as well as equips schools with the parameters required for possible state licensing and accreditation.

School Approval:
Standards for approving schools that offer comprehensive Pilates teacher training consider program delivery, behavior, outcomes, and competencies.  At the 2016 Teacher Training Summit, a set of Pilates School Approval Program Standards were presented to the delegates, and an objective approval system for comprehensive Pilates schools was introduced.  The Pilates School Approval Program structure is modeled after:

  • Existing accrediting processes
  • Vocational licensing practices used in many states

The Pilates School Approval Program will:

  • Satisfy the need for a set of universal Educational Standards for comprehensive Pilates teacher training, as well as a system that acknowledges those schools that provide evidence of compliance.
  • Be understandable, inclusive, and objective.
  • Conform to existing accrediting and licensing processes:
    • The Standards and application mirror accreditation models for both academic and certification programs.
    • The system requires a “self study process” by which the applicant (school) develops and implements required processes to comply with the Standards, thus enhancing both the educational and institutional aspects of their organization.
    • Prepare schools for the prospect of licensing and accreditation.The framework for the “self study process” which includes such elements as a School Catalog, an Enrollment Agreement, a Sexual Harassment Policy, recruitment and admissions policies, and other elements specific to the institution, prepares the school for future licensure and accreditation.

Pilates School Approval Program Timeline:

  • Applications will be accepted year round starting April 1, 2017. Applications are reviewed each year during two review cycles: January-March and July-September.
  • Re-application for renewal is required every 5 years.
  • Approved schools are required to submit a yearly report outlining any significant changes to their program in the prior year.
  • The PMA review team and the applicant will stay in communication until such time as the application is ready for final review.
Pilates School Approval Program Fees
  PMA     Licensed
Period for Approval  5 yrs 5 yrs

Application for Initial

$1000 $800

Initial application for additional locations

$150 $150

Application re-approval

$800 $650

Application re-approval additional locations

$75 $75

Annual sustaining fees

$250 $250

Annual sustaining fees for additional locations

$75 $75


Language: All applications must be submitted in English (translated documentation accepted).

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