Professional Liability Coverage

U.S. Liability Insurance Rates:
$159 Individual Member
$139 PMA - CPT Member 
$47 Student Member

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To apply for Professional Liability Insurance at the discounted rates you must be a member of the PMA.
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The policies cover Pilates, Yoga, Barre methods, and GYROTONIC ®

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More information on the US Program

There are two types of Liability Insurance for Pilates professionals: "Claims-Made" and "Occurrence" coverage. 
The PMA's Liability Insurance program through Lockton-Affinity is a Claims-Made policy. It offers more flexible benefits to the participant than an Occurrence policy.
Claims-Made Policies offer:
  • Portability of Prior Acts
  • Adjustable Limits of Liability
  • Coverage enhancements that apply retroactively
  • More affordable premiums
Occurrence policies have no prior acts coverage, fixed limits of liability and fixed coverage features which do not adjust for inflation or rising litigation costs.
The important thing to know is that if you are participating in the PMA Liability Insurance program and decide to discontinue coverage through our plan, you should choose another insurance carrier that offers Claims-Made plans so you can have coverage that retroactively dates back to the day you started your current policy. If you choose an occurrence policy, no retroactive date applies which causes a gap in coverage that could put you at risk.  
Limits of Liability
The insurance program offers limits of $1 million per claim, and $3 million annual aggregate. The limit per claim is the maximum payment for all damages and expenses arising from each wrongful act or series of continuous, repeated or interrelated wrongful acts or occurrence. Supplemental Liability Coverage At No Additional Charge Pays for premises liability, up to the certificate limit, which occur during your rendering of professional services while the coverage is in force. Evidence of Insurance At No Additional Charge There is no additional charge for issuing certificates of insurance as evidence to others that you are insured. Contractual Liability At No Additional Charge.

There is no additional charge for coverage for contractual liability which is assumed by you under contracts with third parties, for whom you provide additional services. Additional Insured At No Additional Charge Additional Insured can be easily added to the certificate at your written request for no additional premium. Terrorism Risk Insurance You may include coverage for your alleged negligence arising from an act of terrorism, as defined by the Federal Government. There is a surcharge of 5% to 10% for such coverage, based on your residency.

Defense Costs - Optional Tail Coverage
Pays legal fees and court costs up to the certificate limit involving covered claims or allegations, at no cost to you. Extended Claims Reporting Period Option (“Tail Coverage”) When your coverage under this certificate ends, either because you decide to cancel it or not renew it, or we cancel or non-renewal coverage (other than for nonpayment of premium), we will offer you in accordance with the terms of your certificate, the right to purchase a 12 month reporting period endorsement within 60 days from the date of cancellation or non-renewal for an additional premium charge.

PLEASE NOTE: This is only a partial description of the coverage. Coverages and benefits are subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the Master policy. If any conflict exists between these highlights and the policy, the policy will govern. For complete provisions, including exclusions, please refer to the policy itself.

Professional Liability Highlights for Canadian Members

To purchase a Fitness Professionals insurance policy with Hub International HKMB, Canadian Pilates teachers must be a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher (PMA® - CPT) to be covered under their on-line program. PMA members who have not completed the PMA Pilates Certification Exam can contact this company for coverage, but will not qualify for the same program as PMA Certified Pilates Teachers. Visit this link for details regarding this plan  Or contact a representative at: +1-416-597-0008

Professional Liability Highlights for Spain, UK, EU Members

PMA members who live in the United Kingdom and Spain can purchase liability coverage through Balens. If you reside in the Republic of Ireland or any European country other than the UK, please contact Balens to see if they can help. *Balens currently offers coverage for residents of Ireland, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Gibraltar and the Netherlands with many other countries to follow. Call 01684 580771 or email


If you have questions regarding Liability Insurance, please contact Lorilee Levy, Membership Manager at 305 573-4946 x 206, email


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