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The Pilates Method Alliance provides its members with relevant benefits and services. Protecting your business with affordable Professional and Liability insurance is foremost and our rates are the most affordable in the industry. In addition, the PMA finds ways to save Pilates professionals on continuing education, Pilates equipment, publications and more. We welcome your comments regarding new member benefits. Please send your suggestions to PMA Membership.

U.S. Members
Canadian and U.K. Spain

Professional Liability Insurance - yearly rates
Individual Member $159
PMA CPT Member  $139
Student Member    $47
Studio Insurance Quotes - 1-888-330-1933

NEW! Pilates Anytime
A 30-day free trial membership to, where you'll receive unlimited access to over 2,000 online Pilates classes, tutorials, and discussions. Pilates Anytime offers the highest caliber of online Pilates education with the world's best instructors, providing you with a quality resource to inform your teaching.
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A 20% discount to one workshop of your choice on, where you can access Pilates education anytime, anywhere. Dive into thought provoking workshops and tutorials taught by the world's best instructors. Many of our workshops offer CECs from the PMA.
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NEW! Evidence for Exercise™
PMA members receive 15% off to register as an Evidence for Exercise™ Registered Provider. Evidence for Exercise™ Registered Providers receive a further 35% off our online PMA approved continuing education courses. We supply evidence-based exercise prescriptions which were developed to improve access to high quality scientific analysis of exercise advice. For further details visit
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NEW! KDW Apparel
PMA Members will receive 20% off on all orders. KDW Apparel is known for designing all day Activewear and Pilateswear that can seamlessly transition through out the different phases of one's day, making our products exclusive, fun and irresistible to those who want to make a statement in their Activewear. New Limited Edition prints will be released throughout the year and we are proud to say all production processes are made with love in Los Angeles and not overseas.
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NEW! PHI Pilates
PMA Members will receive 10% off on Reforming Human Movement Book. This book written by Dr. Chrissy Romani-Ruby represents the first effort to provide a comprehensive textbook that addresses the use of the Pilates reformer as a tool for movement intervention. Written for experts in the movement system, including physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, certified Pilates instructors, and entry-level instructors preparing for Pilates certification, this book provides the fundamental knowledge to develop skills to safely train the movement system on the Pilates reformer.
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NEW! KnotOut Recovery and Mobility tools
PMA Members will receive 20% off on KnotOut rollers. KnotOut® is the easy to use, portable muscle adhesion release tool that helps you attain and maintain your peak performance. Knotout® was developed to facilitate improved workout recovery and  joint range of motion (mobility) when rolling out muscles and connective tissue (fascia). The product’s unique shape delivers multiple pressure points along the span of the muscle allowing adhesions to be addressed and dealt with in new ways.
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NEW! Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGs)
PMA members receive 20% off on all WAGs styles and product packages. WAGs patented design is proven to ease wrist and thumb pain when supporting weight on your hands. Picture yourself doing all the Pilates exercises that you currently avoid due to wrist pain. With 3 styles and 3 levels of support, WAGs are just the solution to help you flow through your Pilates workouts & leave your wrist pain behind! All WAGs styles come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Studio Rates & Starter Packages are available.
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NEW! Flex Disc
PMA members receive 15% off on all Flex Disc orders. Flex Disc allows you to perform an uhnlimited number of exercises to increase core and muscle strength, improve balance and stability, and achieve total body fitness.

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  NEW! Love Pilates
PMA members receive 10% off on all products available online at including but not limited to workout wear, cozy tee's, hats & socks.

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Pilates Style Magazine
42% off the newsstand price for Pilates Style magazine, the one
and only magazine dedicated to the Pilates lifestyle, and in the
top 15 fitness magazines in the U.S.
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Pilates Equipment
10% discount on equipment from Pilates Designs by Basil
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  Square - Credit Card Reader
As part of an exclusive promotion, Square is now offering PMA members who are new to Square FREE processing on their first $1,000 in sales, to use within 180 days, when you sign up for Square. Mobile app and card reader are free.
  Constant Contact’s Email Marketing tool:
          20% off our 6 month pre-pay fee
          25% off our 12 month pre-pay fee
Already a Constant Contact customer? No problem, call Partner Support at 1-855-854-8609 to have your account moved under Pilates Method Alliance to take advantage of this great offer!
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Conference Pricing All Year Round
PMA members received 30% off all ToeSox products (excluding sale items) at the 13th Annual Meeting of the PMA. Now, all year long PMA members can keep their toes spreading and bodies supported with ToeSox, Five Toe Sandals, and Grip Gloves. Inspiring natural movement for your healthy living!
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Primal Pictures
Award winning anatomy software for just $149 (regularly $299.00) per year.

Anatomy for Pilates On-line Subscription demonstrates muscle movements as you’ve never seen them before. The software is a dynamic resource of 3D anatomy with an extensive series of 3D muscle function animations that give a new perspective on functional anatomy.
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  Pilates Publications
20% off on popular Pilates publications used to supplement your training and knowledge. Log in to access discount code (Primal Pictures DVD not included in this benefit)

PMA Pilates Certification Exam
PMA Individual and Student Members recieve 15% off
the PMA Pilates Certification Exam fee and 10% off certification
renewal fees. Learn more here.


Become a PMA CEC Provider
PMA CPT Members received a 20% discount on
the PMA CEC Provider application fee. Apply here.


Save $100 off registration fees
On the Annual Meetings of the Pilates Method Alliance
Register here.


More great benefits:

  • Listing in the PMA Member Directory
  • Subscription to our Member Benefits Updates.
  • Subscription to our quarterly email newsletter, 'The Hundred!'
  • PMA membership dues are tax deductible for Pilates professionals.
  • Voting privileges and eligibility to hold elected and appointed offices.*

PLEASE NOTE: Student Members do not have voting privileges and cannot hold elected or appointed offices in the PMA.

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