Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Annual Meeting of the PMA




How many CECs will I get for attending the conference?
It depends.

Full Conference Attendance (Friday, Saturday & Sunday): 16 PMA CECs
Pre & Post Conference Workshops: 4 PMA CEC’s each
Friday 1-Day Pass: 6 PMA CECs
Saturday 1-Day Pass: 7 PMA CECs
Sunday 1-Day Pass: 3 PMA CECs
Friday/Saturday 2-Day Pass: 13 PMA CECs
Saturday/Sunday 2-Day Pass: 10 PMA CECs

Day passes will go on sale one month prior to the conference. Please email Tanya Nieto Winzey at if you have any questions. Starting in 2017, delegates will only receive CECs for the actual sessions they attend. 

How many mat classes may I sign up for per day?
Delegates may register for one mat class per day. Delegates may register for a second mat class on the same day on a “space available” basis. Please email Tanya Nieto Winzey at with your request, and she will accommodate you if possible.

Is a mat included in my registration fee?
No, you must bring your own mat or pre-order one when you register for the conference online. Please take note of the deadline to order a mat from the PMA when you register online for the conference. The price for a mat is $25, and you can collect it from the conference Registration Desk when you arrive on site.

I forgot to buy a mat and the deadline has passed. Can I buy a mat at the PMA Plaza?
Some exhibitors do sell mats at the PMA Plaza, but quantities will be limited and availability is not guaranteed. In this case, we suggest that you bring your own mat from home to be 100% safe.

When will I be able to see the full conference schedule, list of presenters and workshop descriptions?
After the pre-registration period ends on May 15th, 2016 you will have access to the full conference schedule and you will be able to select your classes.

When will I get my CEC certificate?
We will send your certificate via email a week or two after the conference.

Is there a wait list for workshops that are full?
Yes, you will be able to indicate online when registering if you would like to be added to a full session's waitlist.  If a spot opens up, the system will automatically email the first person on the waitlist and alert them that they have 48 hours to register for the session.  If they don't register within the allotted time, the next person on the wait list will be altered and so forth..

How can I change my schedule?
You can change your schedule yourself online by logging into Cvent using your confirmation code, or you can see us in person at the Schedule Change desk onsite at the conference and we will do it for you.

I am unable to come to the conference. Can I transfer my registration to another person?
Yes. Please contact Tanya Nieto Winzey at tanyan@pilatesmethodalliance.orgfor further help.

Can I buy audio recordings of the workshops that I missed?
Yes. Please click this link to purchase audio recordings.

I need to find a roommate. Can you help me?
Yes, please contact Tanya Nieto Winzey at tanyan@pilatesmethodalliance.orgto put your name on the roommate list.

How can I sign up to be a volunteer?
Please contact Lorilee Levy at She will contact you and let you know if there are volunteer positions available.

What is the conference cancellation policy? 
Refunds will be made for cancellations sent via email to or by a physical mail delivery service to the attention of Tanya Nieto-Winzey at the Pilates Method Alliance, 1666 Kennedy Causeway, Suite 402, North Bay Village, FL 33141. All refund requests received by the PMA on or before September 1st, 2016 are subject to a $100 cancellation fee. All refund requests received by the PMA from September 2nd through October 2nd, 2016, are subject to a $200 cancellation fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after October 2nd, 2016. PLEASE ALLOW 4 - 6 WEEKS FOR REFUND TO BE PROCESSED AFTER ANNUAL MEETING DATE.

Can I take pictures at the conference?
By attending or participating in any PMA Activity, you hereby agree as follows:

  • You may not photograph or make audiovisual or sound recordings during any PMA Activity without the prior express consent of the person supervising or leading such Activity, as well as each person who would be seen in your photograph, or who would appear or be heard in your recording; and
  • While you are free to photograph or record yourself and your friends at the PMA Annual Meeting, many exhibitors and presenters do not want to have their exhibits or presentations recorded, and many people do not want to be photographed or recorded at all. Therefore, you must obtain the express consent of each person who would be seen in your photograph, or who would appear or be heard in your recording, before photographing or recording them, and you must respect their wishes if they decline.

If you violate these limitations on photographing and recording, PMA will have the right, in the PMA’s sole judgment, to exclude you from the remainder of the PMA Annual Meeting, prevent you from attending PMA Activities, and/or exclude you from attending future PMA Annual Meetings or Activities. In such event, you will not be entitled to a refund of any part of your registration fees or to reimbursement of any expense incurred by you to attend the PMA Annual Meeting or any PMA Activity.

If a session is full, can I watch from the sidelines?
No. We ask that all delegates be registered for the sessions they attend. We have strict capacities for each room and we are not allowed to go past the capacities.

Can I walk around the PMA Plaza without registering for the conference?
Yes. Please see us at the Schedule Change Desk to pick up an “Expo Only” badge.  This will allow you into the PMA Plaza, but not into any of the mat classes or workshops..


When can I buy a day pass?
Day passes will go on sale one month before the conference. The PMA will send an email alerting when the day passes will be available.


Can I only register for a pre or post conference workshop without paying and attending the full conference?
Yes, just select the Pre/Post Con Only registration type when you register and you you will only be charged for the pre and post conference sessions you select.


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