The Pilates Method Alliance is the world's largest professional association for Pilates teachers. By joining the association, you become part of a growing community of teachers that are committed to the development of the Pilates field. Membership is for those who have a far-reaching vision of what is possible when professionals actively work together to shape the future of their industry.

What types of memberships does the PMA have?
The PMA currently has three types of membership: Individual, PMA Certified and Student. Which membership is right for you is based on several factors. We have summarized them below to help you make your decision.

Student Membership Individual Membership PMA-CPT Membership


 - one year introductory term
- currently enrolled in Pilates teacher training

- open enrollment - for PMA Certified Pilates Teachers
$50.00 $150.00 $99.00


Student Membership
Student Membership is an introductory membership for those currently training to be a Pilates teacher and not yet earning an income from teaching Pilates. This membership is valid for one year. Once this introductory membership expires, a Student Member may renew as an Individual Member, or a PMA Certified Member if they have passed the PMA Pilates Certification Exam.

Individual Membership
PMA Individual Membership is open to anyone who wishes to support the goals of the organization. Usually those who have earned a teaching certificate and earn a full or part-time living teaching Pilates join the organization as an Individual Member to take advantage of the discounted Liability Insurance and numerous other benefits that go with belonging to a professional association.

PMA-CPT Membership
PMA Certified Membership is for Pilates teachers who have passed the PMA Pilates Certification Exam. Student and Individual Members can move to this member type once they have passed the PMA Pilates Certification Exam.

Member Benefits
The Pilates Method Alliance provides its members with important benefits and services. For example, protecting your business with affordable Liability and Studio insurance is essential, and our rates are the most affordable in the industry. In addition, the PMA finds ways to save Pilates professionals money on Pilates equipment, publications and more. We have summarized the member benefits below.

Membership Benefits Student Membership Individual Membership PMA-CPT Membership
Discounted Liability Insurance X X X
Pilates Anytime 30-Day Free Trial X X X
Pilates Anytime 20% Workshop Discount X X X
20% off KDW Apparel X X X
15% off to become an Evidence for Exercise Registered Provider X X X
20% off Reforming Human Movement Book X X X
25% off on print or online subscription to Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies X X X
20% off WAGs X X X
20% off KnotOut Rollers X X X
42% off Pilates Style Magazine X X X
10% off Pilates Designs by Basil Equipment X X X
Square - Free processing on first $1000 in sales X X X
15% off MINDBODY monthly software hosting for new clients and 15% off software package upgrades for current MINDBODY clients X X X
20% off on Weebly X X X
30 Day Free Trial and 33% off on Artichoke X X X
25% off Constant Contact Email Marketing Tool X X X
30% off all ToeSox products X X X
20% off  Human Kinetics Bookstore X X X
15% off PMA Certification Exam fee X X X
Member Benefits Updates Monthly Newsletter X X X
The Hundred! Quarterly Newsletter X X X
$100 off PMA Conference Registration   X X
Voting Privileges & eligibility to hold elected offices   X X
20% off PMA CEC Provider fees     X


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