The PMA - SELA Chapter held its annual meeting on Saturday, November 09, 2013 in Baton Rouge. Elected to serve on the Board for 2014 are:

President – Therese Pittman, 2nd Term
Vice-President – Stephanie Condrey
Secretary – Alyce Wise, PMA® - CPT
Treasurer – Dianne Caverly
Parliamentarian - Margrett Fels
Education - Kayne Stewart

PMA - Southeastern Louisiana Chapter Bylaws

SELA presents:

Karena Thek Lineback
"Pilates for Scoliosis"
October 4 - 5 , 2014

Elmwood Fitness Center
1200 South Clearview Pkwy
New Orleans, LA 70123

Earn 8 PMA CEC's
Early bird pricing ends Sept. 1, 2014

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Please complete this on-line enrollment form form to join the PMA - SELA Chapter. You must already be a member of the PMA to join the chapter. To join the PMA click here.

What is the SELA Chapter of the PMA

Founded in March of 2010, this Chapter of the PMA was formed to further goals in establishing the practice of teaching Pilates as a profession, and to encourage practitioners to become PMA certified. Very simply, we are a group of Pilates professionals dedicated to preserving the teachings of Joseph Pilates and his exercise method, and believe in maintaining standards while respecting the various approaches to Pilates.

Why the SELA Chapter of the Pilates Method Alliance?

We exist to foster professional growth in the growing ranks of Pilates practitioners by offering quality continuing education programs on a local level.  Valuing the networking opportunities these workshops and seminars provide, we are proud to be able to offer them at an affordable price...right in our own backyard! Future workshops will include round table discussions on issues and matters related to Pilates as an industry, particularly the process involved in PMA certification. As a local Chapter, we provide a readily available mechanism for regional project development. Through our programming, we are able to direct more people to the PMA, encouraging their membership in the parent organization, as well as in the SELA Chapter.

Who does the SELA Chapter Serve?

As the 1st PMA Chapter in the world, we currently serve Pilates professionals living in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, until such point in time that other local chapters are formed.

How is SELA governed?

The SELA Chapter of the PMA is governed by an elected Board of Directors, each of whom is active in the field and has volunteered to serve the growing membership through effective organizational management.

What type of activities does SELA host?

All-inclusive SELA workshops and seminars will feature Certified Pilates Teachers who are able to award Continuing Education Credits for attendance. We will also bring renowned international Pilates professionals to share their experience, vision, and techniques, so that you can take away practical wisdom to assist you in your personal practice.  By hosting Pilates Day celebrations, one of the cornerstones of the SELA Chapter, we promote both the benefits of Pilates exercise to the public, while increasing awareness of the Pilate Method Alliance and its goals. We place the highest value on the feedback from the participants and members, which allows us to evaluate the directions we choose and support our evolution, as we serve the specialized community of Pilates practitioners.

More about membership in the SELA Chapter of the PMA

An active member of the Pilates Method Alliance may join our chapter for only $35. Checks made payable to SE Louisiana Chapter of the PMA are accepted for your year of membership which extends for one year from the date of enrollment.  See the enrollment form above. Even the newest SELA members are invited and encouraged to assist the Chapter in producing SELA's continuing education events.  One great benefit of membership in SELA is that you will receive discounted rates and be given advance notice of all workshops and seminars.  Your membership is important to us and we welcome you into our "core".

Get Involved!     

Contact the Chapter office to become involved in chapter activities and committees. Your participation is essential to the strength of the chapter.
SELA Chapter Contact:


Already a member of the PMA and living in Louisiana? One year membership to the  SELA Chapter is $35.00.
Send a check made payable to PMA - Southeastern Louisiana Chapter  to the following address:

Attn: Membership
16 Wren Street
New Orleans, LA 70124

PMA Members can view the Southeast Louisiana Chapter directory, by clicking here.




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