Privacy, Waiver & Release, Annual Meeting Refund & Substitution Policy

The PMA is committed to protecting your privacy online. Our primary goal in collecting personalized and company information is to provide the PMA’s membership with superior online services and to provide information to the general public about the PMA and its members in conformity with the PMA’s Mission and Goals. In summary, we use contact and related information supplied to us as follows:
  • Members: to provide information to the public, as provided by you about your services, your facility and qualifications for listing and information in our searchable database.
  • Goods and Service Customers: to fill orders, contact purchasers to inform them of their order status, to send promotional information, to provide update information, to enhance the operation of our site and to administer our system.
  • Annual Meeting Registrants: the PMA utilizes the services of a third party company, Cvent Inc. 200 N. Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22203, Tel: 703.226.3555, Fax: 703.226.3501, for managing and facilitating the registration of Annual Meeting Registrants. Annual Meeting Registrants provide information as requested for purposes of registering for an annual meeting including the specification of which seminars you wish to attend while attending the annual meeting. Personal financial information such as credit card information and the like will only be disclosed for purposes of processing such credit card information in the registration process. It will not be disclosed to any third party for any other purpose. For additional information pertaining to the Privacy Policy of our annual meeting registration provider, Cvent, Inc., please visit: and click on “privacy policy.”
This notice describes our privacy policy. By visiting the PMA website, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice.
The Pilates Method Alliance, Inc. (PMA) will be videotaping and recording its Annual Meeting, including, but not limited to lectures, round table discussions, mat classes and other meetings during the PMA Annual Meeting. The PMA will make these materials available in the future, in electronic form including, audio tapes, video tapes and DVD's and like medium. Additionally, these materials will be made available as part of the PMA archives. By signing up as an Annual Meeting Registrant, you understand that the PMA Annual Meeting will be recorded and hereby release to the PMA any and all rights that you may have for the PMA to release and otherwise redistribute the recorded materials, for profit or not for profit, in any form and in any manner. In consideration of your participation in any workshops, private workouts, or group classes, for yourself, and your heirs and assigns, hereby release the PMA, and all facilities and locations utilized by the PMA for its annual meetings, and for each of the foregoing, their owners, employees, landlords, agents, officers, directors, presenters, participants and assigns (Released Parties), from any claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever, arising from my participation in the PMA Annual Meeting. I fully recognize and understand that I may become injured as a result of my attendance and/or participation in the PMA Annual Meeting and hereby release the Released Parties from any and all liability now or in the future.
Arising from my participation in the PMA Annual Meeting. I fully recognize and understand that The Pilates Method Alliance, Inc. (PMA) can not and will not permit the taking of photographs, audio or video taping of any annual meetings held by or sponsored by the PMA. Should an individual be found photographing, video graphing or taping of any kind without the express written permission of the PMA, the PMA will confiscate all such equipment and media containing such unauthorized recording, and the person shall thereafter be banned from attending any PMA Annual Meeting.
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at:
Pilates Method Alliance, Inc.
Privacy Policy
PO Box 370906
Miami. Fl. 33137-0906
(305) 573-4946; Fax: (305) 573 4461

Refunds will be made for cancellations sent in writing to the PMA office via email (attn: Tanya Niety-Winzey), to Cancellation emails must be dated on or before September 1st, 2015, and will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee. Cancellations emails dated between September 2nd, 2015 and October 2nd, 2015, will be subject to a $200 cancellation fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after October 2nd, 2015. The PMA reserves the right to substitute workshops or presenters at any time. PLEASE ALLOW 4 - 6 WEEKS FOR REFUND TO BE PROCESSED AFTER ANNUAL MEETING DATE.


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